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Custom Awards

Fusion Frames offers customization of our stock product line to include custom mat colors, seals, certificates, foil stamped logos and other alterations that may be desired. Add a custom certificate and take dull to dynamic. A custom seal or foil stamp logo on the mat can brand your frame and add a level of visual interest that sets it apart from a generic presentation in a cost-effective way.

We also offer professional design services to create one-of-a-kind award presentations to beautifully portray the important message of your organization or event. We will work with you or your marketing and HR team to develop your own award showcase. A minimum order of 100 or more units may apply.

Please contact us at 800-833-4438 for more information.

Shown below are examples of stock products altered to create a custom look as well as totally unique designs made to reflect an award's importance. We also provide wholesale product lines for retail sale or ASI customer catalogs. Our unique blending of custom framing and graphic design sets our products apart in the recognition industry.

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